Provider Appreciation

By Sally Isaacson        

I want you to know that I am “pro-life”. I am for the women who choose to be mothers. I am for the women who decide that now is not the time to bring a new being into their life. I am for supporting all women as they move through life making choices about school, careers, relationships – even if it means postponing motherhood.

I spend my work hours as an accountant at an evidenced-based program that pairs specially trained nurses with first-time low, income moms during their pregnancy. The nurse makes frequent home visits during pregnancy and through the child’s second birthday. This program sees many improvements in the outcome for the family as a whole and especially the children. My evenings are spent working to raise money for The Freedom Fund. I want every woman to have good support for whatever option they choose. I believe this is truly being pro-life.

Just as our last newsletter was being mailed we heard of the shooting at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs. This reminds us of how brave and courageous our abortion providers and their staffs are. The shooting was the most extreme form of violence, yet the constant harassment both in person and via social media is a form of violence also. Join the Freedom Fund in thanking them. If you don’t know them personally – then send up a prayer of gratitude for their service.

Reprinted from our Spring Newsletter