Donor FAQ

We know that during economic recessions, charitable donors may become even more concerned about how their donations are utilized. We would like to answer some common questions related to your support of The Freedom Fund.

What portion of spending goes to programming?
In the past three years up to 90 percent of all funds go directly to our clients. Our providers determine the amount of aid to each person and bill us for that amount. Each provider has a monthly budget from The Freedom Fund.

According to Charity Navigator, an independent charity evaluator, at least 75% of non-profit dollars should go directly to fund the services and benefits that the charity provides. We are proud that The Freedom Fund exceeds this recommended minimum.

What are our recent accomplishments?
Within each of the past two fiscal years, The Freedom Fund has assisted over 275 people and is on the same trajectory for this year. We have forged strong bonds with our partner agencies in the fight for reproductive justice. We helped defeat amendments in the past several years which would have outlawed abortion in Colorado.

What ongoing challenges do we face?
The Freedom Fund is experiencing an increase in requests from people needing abortion funding assistance. We are also being contacted by people who are later in their pregnancies which require more expensive procedures. Late requests are often an indicator that even with our help they are not able to afford an abortion. According to the National Network of Abortion Funds, these challenges are being experienced by other abortion funds and are a result of the economic crisis.

Because of the focused type of support we provide and because nearly 90 percent of all donations go directly towards program costs, we do not compartmentalize donations. However, the Council is always open to hearing from donors who have ideas for expanding our program activities, as long as it is clearly aligned with our mission.

Is my privacy protected as a Freedom Fund donor?
Yes – The Freedom Fund does not sell or share our donor names and contact information with any other groups under any circumstances. As we develop our website and online donation capabilities, we want to reassure you that any online donations will be safe and that your email addresses will be respected and not abused with unnecessary communications.

We hope that you will continue to believe that supporting The Freedom Fund is one of the best ways you can direct your giving dollars. The Freedom Fund is the only abortion fund in Colorado. With your generous support, we will be able to continue to help pregnant people throughout the state in a very important and unique way. Thank you, in advance, for your support in these tough economic times.