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Join us April 12, 2014 for the billiard-a-thon from 2-4 PM at Zanzibar’s, 2046 Larimer Street in Denver! Sign on, form a team, and come have a great time –

We supply the food – happy hour prices for drinks. Please join us for fun and abortion access!

What’s the Matter with Texas?

When the Texas legislature passed HB2 back in July 2013, it imposed restrictions designed to shut down almost all abortion clinics in Texas.  As Andrea Grimes reported for RHReality check:

HB 2 bans abortion after 20 weeks, requires abortion providers to obtain hospital admitting privileges, restricts the prescription of medical abortions, and mandates that all abortion facilities be licensed as ambulatory surgical centers, a rule which would shut down all but five abortion facilities currently operating in Texas. The remaining legal abortion clinics will be located in Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio.

Andrea Grimes published another article recently about what’s happening in Texas this past week, and the results of HB2 are not good.  In the Rio Grande Valley, “patients . . . are now facing a 300-mile round-trip drive to Corpus Christi, or a 500-mile round-trip drive to San Antonio, to the nearest safe, legal abortion providers.”

The abortion funds in Texas are trying to step into that gap: Lilith Fund, Texas Equal Access Fund, Whole Women’s Health, and Fund Texas Women are all working as hard as they can to close the gap.

Donating to these organizations, or to us here at the Freedom Fund (we have a donation link to the right!), is an important part of the struggle for abortion access and reproductive justice.  But it’s not enough.  We have to turn our outrage into political action, campaigning to repeal the Hyde Amendment, electing candidates who support reproductive freedom, and working towards a society that supports the reproductive choices of all people.

Most Abortions Paid for Out of Pocket

The Guttmacher Institute released a study last week demonstrating how important abortion access funds, like the Freedom Fund, are for people who need abortions. According to Guttmacher, most people who get abortions pay out of pocket. Very few people can afford to pay for a medical procedure on their own, and abortion care may not be eligible for insurance coverage.

This is why the Freedom Fund, and the other abortion access funds throughout the country, are so important for ensuring that pregnant people can access abortion care if they need to.

Please donate to the Freedom Fund continue to ensure abortion access (there’s a Paypal button to the right of the linked page). Thank you so much for your support!